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Born in Bremen in 1960
lives and works in Bremen


Newspapers, strangers’ photo albums, magazines, my own photos, TV, internet. Chance finds … Perception, reflection, my perspectives and uncertainties, my possibilities and limitations, my prospects—my resources.

Slips of paper 9.3 x 9.3 cm, beer-mat size. A woman with dementia wrote a note every night before going to bed, telling herself which day was next—When I wake up it will be Sunday. She left the note on her bedside table so that when she woke in the morning and read it, she would have a point of reference to guide her into the day.

An emptied picture frame, signs of wear and tear, lost memory, lost history, projection screen.

The present—my present—as a project.

Blank canvas, blank paper, empty display case, empty wall, empty room. What gets me excited? What catches my eye? Where is the point of intersection between the trivial and the essential?

Nothing is so mundane that it isn’t worth reflecting on or depicting. Anything is potential subject matter … My moods, my subject matter, my moods, my techniques.

The thought of restricting myself—or, worse still, being restricted—in my choice of subject matter or means of expression has always been abhorrent to me.

A basic idea, a thought, a motif, composition, form, colour, distance, grand gestures, endless fiddling around, almost there except for … react, let it tick over, fresh impetus, repaint, vestiges of the original motif, light, dark, sitting, a lot of sitting, searching, making, letting it tick over, the first idea for a picture sunk, the second too, everything gone and yet still there … Layer upon layer upon layer, the basic idea is alive … Uncovering strata, like memories.

Solo exhibitions (selection)

2022Mind Cinema, Atelier Brandt-Credo, Bremen
2021Daddy is afraid of flying, Kunstraum Potsdam, Potsdam
2020Ten days in the shadow of light, Kulturhaus Marne (mit Petra Bergerhoff und Arnold Gietl)
Pictures, BLG Zentrale, Bremen
2019Water, (with Volker Rapsch), Neuer Worpsweder Kunstverein
2018Operation on open paper (with Achim Locke), Galeriewerkstatt, Magdeburg
PROJECT TEN, Kulturkirche Bremen
2017NEWS, Galerie Plus, Bremen
2016Shining times (with Rupprecht Matthies), Kd Kunst, Wallhöfen
2015Köhrner“ (with Achim Locke)“, Bremer-Presse-Club, Bremen
Mare liberum – The Masterplan (with Rainer Weber), Galerie Crystal Ball, Berlin
Beat, Kulturhaus Marne
Group Vierkant, Karambolage, GaDeWe, Bremen
2014Mare liberum – The Masterplan (with Rainer Weber), Galerie Crystal Ball, Berlin
2013Search for traces, (with Peer Steppe), RKK, Bremen
MAOMOMAOMA, Galerie Freiraum, Kiel
2011Bass, Galerie d`art Contemporain, Bremen
Our homeland in pictures,(with Achim Locke), Max Gandolph Library,
Salzburg, Austria


20192nd prize, artistic design of the underpass on Meta-Sattler-Straße
2018Winner, tender for the design of urban spaces: outdoor area of the Weser Stadium, Bremen
2017Art scholarship from the Bremen Evangelical Church, Bremen
2014Studio scholarship from the city of Bremen, Berlin
2010Winner, design of the exterior wall of the Städtische Galerie Bremen
Scholarship, Foundation Dr. Robert and Lina Thyll-Dürr Foundation, Elba, Italy
“Chilli Pepper…”, international symposium, Pedvale, Latvia

Publicly owned works

Weserburg / Museum of Contemporary Art, Bremen
Municipal Gallery in the Buntentor, Bremen
Transmitter/receiver, wall installation, Radio Bremenn
Arge Flossenbürg
Art collection of the Red Cross Hospital, Bremen

Trade fairs

2014“Art Spring”, Bremen
2011“Art Spring”, Bremen
2009Tease Art Fair, Köln
“Art Spring”, Bremen
2008Scope Art Fair, New York
Scope Art Fair, Basel

Exhibition participation (selection)

2022How to disappear RESET, Spedition Güterbahnhof
The horse doesn't eat cucumber salad, Kunstraum Potsdam, Potsdam 2019
Understanding Russia! Can culture change a society?, St. Petersburg, Russia
Preparing For Darkness Vol.4: True Romance, Kühlhaus, Berlin
Art place counter, Westend, Bremen
Review 2009-2019, Kulturhaus Marne

2018ME, MYSELF & I. The portrait in contemporary European art, Art Docks, Bremen
2017This ist the sea, Fanö Art Museum, Denmark
HALLUCINATION, Art Docks, Bremen
2016The latest craze Kulturhaus Marne
Germany under the hood, Dresden Transport Museum
Well and gladly, GaDeWe, Bremen
First Bremen Art Salon, Schuppen 3, Bremen
“Remembrance - in memoriam Karl Stojka - artists in the Flossenbürg concentration camp and subcamps” Minoritenkirche, Regensburg
Putting down roots, Bremen state representation in Berlin
WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE , Berlin Selected Artists (BSA),Berlin
2015Ecstasy, Städtische Galerie, Bremen
Wonderland, Kulturhaus Marne
Thirty, GaDeWe, Bremen
2013Black and White, Galerie Kühn, Lilienthal
COVERN, better than the original, BBK, Spedition am Güterbahnhof, Bremen
899 km Bremen-Salzburg, Städtische Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg, Austria
20128hours27, Güterbahnhof, Bremen
NordArt, Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf
Artists from the gallery, GaDeWe, Bremen
2011TWO-GETHER 10, Permanent Representation Bremen, Brussels, Belgium
Der 35ste Spieltag, Galerie des Westens, Bremen
pret a diner, alte Präge, Berlin
2010The 35th matchday, Galerie Kramer, Bremen
2009Untouchable, Kulturkirche, Bremen
Living room, Defka, Assen, Netherlands
Municipal Gallery Collection, Municipal Gallery in the Buntentor, Bremen
2008Regensburg Historical Museum
Bremen wodu, Municipal Gallery Pilsen, Czech Republic
Repertorio dàrtista, Galeria Maria Rizzi, Milan, Italy
De Kraai van Walter, Kunstcentrum DeFKa, Netherlands
The 35th matchday, Güterbahnhof Spedition, Bremen
2007Remix, Galeria Bianca Rizzi, Milan, Italy
2001“Freedom Now“, Galerie Kulturbrauerei, Berlin
“Antins“, Museum of Art ARSENALS, Riga, Latvia
2000“Yesterday, today, tomorrow”, Galerie Haus am Park, Bremen
1999“Jubilate“, room installation, Städtische Galerie im Buntentor, Bremen
1998“Untitled“, art spring, Güterbahnhof, Bremen
1997Current Art from Bremen, Academy of Arts, Gdansk, Poland
1995“Remembrance”, working group for the former Flossenbürg concentration camp
“German Archive 1”, room installation, Galerie 68elf, Cologne
Kohlenhof Aesthetic Transformation, Nuremberg
1993Wall installation imn tje Künstlerhaus Tacheles, Berlin
1992Kunstforum Nord, Hannover
Young art from Bremen, Nienburg
1986Promotional Prize Exhibition Bremen
An den Anfang scrollen